Bat Removal Services

Bat Removal Services–Omaha, NE


Priority Pest Control is proud to help customers with bats that have taken up residence in their homes by offering bat removal services and humane bat treatments that will get bats out of your home and keep them out. These unwanted guests not only refuse to pay rent, but  can also damage your home and be a nuisance to you and your family. Bats live a long time, and often create colonies that will take up permanent residence if conditions allow them to. If they are left alone, the colony can grow quite rapidly, and what seemed like a minor concern can become a disaster for your home. Bats can create a strong stench in your home, either due to accumulating guano or decomposition if a bat dies in your attic or your walls. Guano accumulation can also be detrimental to the health of anyone living in the home, as it carries an airborne fungus that can cause lung infections if inhaled. Bats can also cause physical damage to your house. They often chew on walls, damaging insulation and wiring.

If you believe you have a bat or multiple bats living in your home, contact Priority Pest Control immediately. Many homeowners attempt to remove the animals themselves, which we do not recommend. Bats can carry rabies and other diseases, and should be handled by ¬†professionals. There are also laws in Nebraska that outline acceptable ways to handle bat infestations, and an amateur will often violate those laws. Our experienced pest control professionals are experts at legal bat removal, and we will effectively and humanely ensure that your home remains bat-free. Priority Pest focuses on not only removing the bats, but making sure that they don’t come back by sealing their entrance or entrances to your home.

It may seem like removing one bat or a small colony from your home is not a priority, but the problem can quickly escalate. If you suspect that your home is infested, contact Priority Pest Control immediately.