Mice Control

Mice Control

How to Get Ride of Mice…for good!

As the weather gets colder, mice start moving indoors to take advantage of warm, cozy homes. Mice can create a huge pest problem for homeowners because they causes home damage, carry diseases, and reproduce very quickly creating a large infestation in a short amount of time. Priority Pest Control offers the affordable, reliable mice control services that homeowners in the Omaha trust year after year. If you’re considered about a mice infestation in your home, or simply want to proactive and safeguard your house for the winter months, contact the pest control experts at Priority Pest Control.

How to spot a mouse problem:

Many homeowners don’t realize that they have a mouse problem until they actually see  a mouse in their home. If you know what signs to look for, you can actually spot a mouse problem much sooner! The most common signs that you need mouse control are finding droppings, rodent tracks and notice gnawing or bite marks on furniture, wires, and food boxes. Mice tend to build their nests in secluded places where they can nest in shredded materials such as insulation, paper, and other found materials.

What are the risks of a mouse infestation?

Mice are always a problem in human residences because they carry diseases that can be transferred to humans. They are also very unclean, and many people first find a mouse nests when they notice an unpleasant odor in their home. Mice also chew through electrical wires that can risk starting fires in residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, mice reproduce at shockingly fast rates, producing over ten litters a year. A female mouse can start having litters at just two months old, so just a few mice in your home can quickly turn in to a bigger problem.

So how do I get rid of mice in my house?

While there are lots of products you can purchase such as bait, poison and traps to try to address a mouse problems, these are not permanent solutions. Over-the-counter products can help reduce the number of mice, but the population will always regenerate eventually. The best way to eliminate a mouse problem is the contact mice control professionals who can find the location of the infestation and use professional-quality materials to exterminate the mouse population permanently. At Priority Pest Control, our friendly professionals can also help you mouse-proof your home to prevent critters from getting inside the first place.

To learn more about mice control services, contact Priority Pest Control today!