Silverfish Control

Omaha Silverfish Control

Silverfish are small, gray insects that are common in Omaha homes and can quickly create an infestation. Priority Pest Control offers comprehensive silverfish control services to Omaha and the surrounding areas.

Silverfish are fast and elusive bugs that can be seriously destructive in homes. In large numbers, silverfish have been known to inflict serious damage and even ruin wallpaper, clothing and paper. If you suspect that there is a silverfish population in your home, it’s essential have it treated professionally before the problem grows worse.

Silverfish live in moist, dark places, and they feed off the starch found in book glue, linen, silk, and even other dead bugs. Silverfish are nocturnal and reproduce rapidly. Therefore a silverfish infestation can thrive for extended periods of time unnoticed by homeowners. Oftentimes, silverfish are first discovered near drains in bathtubs or sinks or beneath wood shingle roofs where they feed on the moisture of the wood.

If you have noticed an existing silverfish problem within your home, it’s time to call the Omaha pest control experts at Priority pest control today. One of our pest technicians can identify the location and severity of the silverfish problem, and offer a silverfish control plan that will tackle the problem quickly and permanently.

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