Spider Control

Omaha Spider Control

Few pests inspire more dread in Omaha homeowners than spiders. These eight-legged invaders can be great for gardens, but no one wants to find them inside their home. Priority Pest Control provides spider control solutions for families and businesses throughout Omaha and the surrounding areas.

Spiders can enter homes through even the smallest of cracks, and tend to hide in small, warm dark places. Often spotted by their extensive webs, there are a variety of spiders that can are found in and around Omaha homes. In the outdoors, spiders can be highly beneficial the ecosystem because they eat smaller bugs. However once they come indoors, spiders can become a problem. Some of the most common spiders that concern Omaha homeowners include:

Wolf spiders: While these spiders aren’t dangerous to humans, but they grow so large that they are often mistaken for tarantulas! Wolf spiders are ypically found in gardens and basements.

Brown Recluse Spiders: This species of spider is one of the most feared, because while very small, their bite can be very dangerous to humans. Often found hiding in closets, basements and cellars.

Daddy-long legs: Recognizable by their long legs and small bodies, these bugs are harmless to humans, but very unpleasant when they cluster in or near homes.

There dozens of other species of spiders that are commonly found in Omaha homes. When you call Priority Pest Control about a spider infestation, one of our pest professionals can come to your home in order to identify the type of spider, locate points of pest entry and provide a quote for a spider control plan that will fit your home, family, and budget.

You don’t have to share your home with spiders. Call Priority Pest Control for fast, affordable spider control in Omaha!