Raccoon Control and Removal

Raccoon Removal Services — Omaha, NE

Priority Pest Control is proud to offer raccoon removal services throughout the Omaha area. Raccoons can be extremely noisy and destructive. They are well known for destroying yards, rummaging through trash cans, and generally making a mess on your Omaha property. Fortunately, Priority Pest Control provides raccoon control services to get rid of those pesky creatures, allowing you to return your property to its original state and ensure that your raccoon problem is properly fixed.

Raccoons are curious and highly-intelligent creatures, which makes these rodents quite a nuisance to any Omaha home or business owner. Raccoons can easily destroy yards and gardens by digging large holes, causing structural damage in search of food, and make a huge mess in the meantime. Not only can raccoons cause severe damage to your property but they can also carry potentially dangerous parasitic diseases and illnesses including salmonella, rabies, giardiasis and many others, which makes raccoon control and raccoon removal something very important for the safety of your family. Raccoons are not generally aggressive, but if they are frightened they can be dangerous, particularly to pets and small children. Raccoon removal services from Priority Pest Control are performed by trained wildlife control professionals, and any attempts at raccoon removal should only be done by experts who are equipped to handle these unpredictable creatures.

In addition to causing all kinds of problems in your yard, raccoons are also capable of causing trouble inside your Omaha home or business. They are great climbers, which allows them to easily access your home. They are often found living inside attics, where they can cause considerable damage to walls, roofs and wiring while trying to make a suitable den. Raccoons living in your attic are a serious hazard due to the destruction they can do within the house, particularly their habit of chewing on electrical wires. Raccoons also can create a bad smell and carry disease into your home.

If you have a raccoon problem in your attic, yard, chimney, or house, the wildlife control team at Priority Pest Control does not recommend attempting raccoon removal yourself. The professionals at Priority Pest have extensive experience in getting rid of these large rodents, and we can ensure that they don’t simply return to your property after being removed.Our raccoon removal services ensure that raccoon control is done safely and humanely for the protection of both your family and the animals.

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